Wedding Guest Dress: How to Choose a Perfect Dress For Wedding in 2022

Congratulations! You’ve just received an invitation to your best friend’s wedding and are so excited. Don't worry if you're unsure of what to wear. Rosie's Closet compiled some of the most helpful dos of how to dress properly for an upcoming wedding no matter what the invitation suggests.

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Choosing a beautiful dress for a wedding is not easy task. We have selected the best options.

Wedding guest dress: main dress codes 

First of all we recommend you to follow the dress code.

White Tie - the occasion will be extremely formal. You should be dressed to the teeth. Ladies should wear a full-length ball gown with optional gloves.

Black Tie - the second most formal dress code for weddings, usually held in the evening. Ladies can choose a cocktail dress or a ball gown.

Black Tie Optional or Formal - ladies can wear a long gown or a formal cocktail dress.

Creative Black Tie - trendy dress code that has come about due to the popularity of themed weddings. Ladies can opt for a cocktail dress with trendy accessories or, in the summer, fresh flower hairpieces for a creative touch. 

Smart Casual or Semiformal - women can wear a cocktail dress or combine a very dressy skirt and top.

Casual - ladies can dress up in summer dress or a pretty blouse with a skirt or smart trousers.

Cocktail Attire - this dress code usually means an evening wedding, but you should avoid looking like you’re going to a nightclub. Take a look for an elegant frock that’s neither too formal nor too casual is perfect.

Wedding Guest Dress: Comfortable and Chic Ideas

One of the main components of ‘dressing your best as a wedding guest’ is to dress comfortably which means dressing formally. You can also wear a flat shoe instead of wearing a heel, or a lower heel if you absolutely have to. 

When dressing in neutral tones or black, attention to detail is key: choose beautiful jewelry and matching fascinator to complete your outfit.

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